We revolutionize health at home, empowering caregivers and patients.

ANA is the cutting-edge technology that allows home health providers to train, monitor, coordinate and optimize patient care. This lowers costs, increases health, and eliminates stress for family members.
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You supervise caregivers' activities and manage remote support

Improve patients' quality of life by providing remote supervision and support to caregivers.

It provides remote medical treatment and telemedicine.

ANA is cutting-edge technology that empowers caregivers and patients, empowers governments

Train and certify caregivers, family members and professionals

Strengthen the competencies of caregivers to improve the service and health of patients at home.

10 million caregivers and patients, safe, connected and happy

This is our mission with ANA and we have the platform to achieve it


Patients and Caregivers


Cloud platform with a web app and 3 applications Mobiles


Years of Research
And Development

ANA is a modular platform that adds value to caregiving agencies and other home health providers.

Save Time and Money

  • Avoid hospitalizations and emergencies by reacting in time
  • Saves on infrastructure costs by allowing patients to stay at home instead of being treated in a hospital

Increase satisfaction

  • Monitor the patient in real time
  • Train and Support Caregivers
  • Supervise caregivers' activities
  • Real-time AI-based alert and notification

Optimize resources

  • Image-based and video-based telemedicine
  • Manage medical incident modules
  • Chat support

Awarded worldwide


Selected and Anchored by Foundation
Norrsken from Sweden.


Best platform for
Digital and Technological Health


Winners of the
Silver Economy Challenge

Satisfied patients, governments, agency owners and caregivers


“ANA has been a blessing for my life and that of my family. Thanks to the training and certification I received through ANA, I now feel more secure and prepared to face any situation. In addition, the platform has allowed me to find a job closer to home and earn more money.”

Marco Álvarez

Founder of Salus Care Solutions
“Since we implemented ANA in our agency, we have seen a significant improvement in the quality of care we provide. The platform has given us greater credibility with our customers and has improved our operational efficiency”

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Our mission is to support and care for those who care.
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