95% of caregivers for patients at home do not have the necessary tools.

The platform seeks to give caregivers sufficient support and the necessary training.

ANA LUZ offers:

With ANA Ilumina, caregivers can be trained and certified

Nuestra escuela en línea facilita que los cuidadores puedan aprender en sus propios yen el lugar que quieran. Entendemos que cuidar pacientes es muy demandante y queremos darte la mayor flexibilidad .

Certification teaches and validates knowledge and
Skills in:

You will learn how to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases and their transmission, and you will also have an introduction to the care and management of these diseases at home.

You will learn the techniques for peritoneal dialysis, its care and the complications that occur in patients.

You will acquire the main techniques for immediate care during an accident until the arrival of professional medical assistance.

You will learn how to use oxygen therapeutically and as a treatment for respiratory failure, and you will also learn how to prevent symptoms of hypoxia.

In this course, you will learn how to perform complementary therapy based on neuromuscular activation that mainly favors sensory and motor stimulation of the patient.

You will learn about joint movement as an improvement in motor capacity to prevent stiffness in the patient, joint pain and maintain muscle tone.

You will understand how the different modalities of infusion therapy are used and the correct use of venous catheters to provide better quality and care for your patient.

You will identify the type of injury your patient has, you will know how to address them, give them appropriate treatment until they recover from it.

You will obtain the necessary knowledge to know what type of probe is suitable for your patient, in addition to its installation, maintenance and removal.

You will learn rehabilitation techniques in patients with CVD; techniques that will help improve quality of life and reinforce the person's independence.

You will learn the best techniques to mobilize your patient depending on their degree of physical and patient dependence, depending on their degree of physical dependence and to ensure that your treatment is excellent and warm.

We will help you to know the adequate consumption of more than three drugs simultaneously related to morbidity and mortality in older adults, and you will also learn about the main physiological changes affecting the distribution of the drug.

You will learn how to prevent, delay and maintain the patient's cognitive functioning, with techniques that will allow you to meet their main needs.

You will be able to learn how to adapt the patient's home for leaving the hospital, you will learn the necessary measures for optimal recovery.

You will identify the different technical and legal frameworks for the correct handling of laboratory samples that can be obtained from the patient.

You will learn kinesiotape colorimetry, you will know when to apply them and the correct way to place them on the patient's lower limbs.

We will teach you different techniques to strengthen balance, prevent falls inside a home and the treatment you should have if we have an accident of this type.

You will learn how to classify your medications at home, you will know the ideal place to store them, check their dates, their routes of administration and how to follow a medical prescription.

You will learn how to react to an emergency based on the main warning signs and symptoms in our health, which will undoubtedly help you to act in a timely and correct manner.

In this course you will learn about the best exercises and activities aimed at maintaining and improving a person's mental abilities in the long term, which will help them to carry out their main activities of the day without any hindrance.

Train and certify the knowledge, abilities, skills and attitudes formulated within the EC 0616 competence standard, using instructional, theoretical, practical videos, research, as well as a final evaluation, under a hybrid model.

At the end, you will obtain general and specialized knowledge for the comprehensive care of your patients. Encouraging their autonomy and independence.

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ANA has been a blessing for my life and that of my family. Thanks to the training and certification I received through ANA, I now feel more secure and prepared to face any situation. In addition, the platform has allowed me to find a job closer to home and earn more money.

  • Laura — Caregiver

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