Welcome to ANA Care

What we do

For Patients


We detect medical situations before they become emergencies.  We make sure you have everything you need at home, all the time. 

For Caregivers


We remind you of schedules and help you to become better caregivers by giving you personalized training, guidance, and emotional support. 

For their families


Find medicines, caregivers, lab tests, medical equipment, receive alarms, know what is happening with your loved one at all times. 

Our Technology

What ANA does

Ana is a platform that helps primary caregivers, whether they be hired nurses or family members, access anything they might need to ensure the best care is given to their patients. 

This means you will have access to a pool of external caregivers, home delivery of medicines and medical equipment, lab tests taken at home, telemedicine, and all the data you report analyzed to ensure your patient is not showing any signs of a medical emergency. 

As a family member, you will have real time access to all the information that the caregiver is reporting, such as vital signs, symptoms, medicine intake, food and sleep patterns, physical and cognitive stimulation activities. 

All of this data will be analyzed in real time with the help of our algorithms to identify health risks and prevent medical emergencies such a strokes, infections, accidents, heart and respiratory crises, etc.